How to beat the procrastination bug

How to beat the procrastination bug

We are all guilty of it at some point or another… Procrastination is an easy habit to get into that can delay the task at hand – sometimes indefinitely. Avoid the stress and guilt and learn how to overcome it with these helpful tips.

Make A List

Writing down what needs to be done will let you assess and prioritise the most important tasks from the less important. Breaking down a project into smaller tasks will make the whole thing seem less overwhelming. The less overwhelmed you are, the more likely you are to get a start on your list. Once you start to enjoy an accomplishment or two, you are more likely to keep going and finish.

Plan Ahead

Whether it is a five year plan or a daily plan, researching and planning ahead will allow you to know the right tools required to complete your task, and being prepared is half the work. Focus on the success you will achieve and the joy you will feel. This will make the project seem less overwhelming making you more likely to get a start on that project sooner.

Be Realistic

Be realistic about your expectations – most projects will encounter some kind of hiccup throughout the process. Realising this will save you from stressing over any bumps in your way and not falling to pieces when something unexpected happens.

Be Made Accountable to Someone Else

Having someone else reminding you to complete your project makes it harder to procrastinate about getting it done. Ask someone to help you complete the task. Make your intentions public. This will add pressure, but for some of us, avoiding embarrassment is the mightiest motivator.

Know Yourself

Only you know your weaknesses. If you are the type of person who becomes easily distracted then ensure that you remove all your distractions – digital included! – before starting. If you like to leave things to the last minute – change your deadline! Bargain with yourself. If you finish the business plan now, you can go to the movies later.

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