Do You Need a Career Change?

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Do You Need a Career Change?

The feeling of needing a career change can come at any point in your life; perhaps you have been in the same industry for a while and feel like trying your hand at something new? Maybe you have decided it is time to break away from a job you do not enjoy in favour of following your passion? Whatever your reason for wanting a career change, at PicksGroup we have training on offer to help make your career change an enjoyable transition and provide you with the qualifications required to help make your dream job become a reality.

Signs of Needing a Career Change

Everyone is different and industries vary hugely. Therefore, the signs of needing a career change come in all different shapes and sizes.

Boredom: Are you finding work boring? A job you once enjoyed and thrived in can quickly lose its appeal when you start to find it boring and take little joy in the tasks at hand. This can sometimes mean putting 50% in becomes the norm. Boredom could be a sign that it is time to stretch your wings and fly off to newer pastures.

Dream Job: If your dream job floods your thoughts and you begin to wish you had chosen a different route, it could be time to make a change and take the step towards starting something new. With the right qualifications and training your dream job can be within reach.

Don’t let fear put you off from making the career change you desperately want to make. Of course stepping out of your comfort zone can be a scary thought, but with the correct training and professional guidance you have the best chance of securing promotion or job you want.

Start Your New Career Today

Beginning a new career can seem daunting, especially if you don’t have the qualifications necessary to get your foot on the career ladder. At PicksGroup we provide training to those who are looking for a change of career. With professional training and from gaining the required qualifications, altering your career can be a smoother and easier change to make.

By enrolling in our courses you can or already have taken the first step towards your ideal career. We offer formal and nationally recognised qualifications to help individuals achieve their career goals. Find out more by contacting us today on 1300 133 225 or by getting in touch below:

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