Get Your Team Excited About In-House Training

Get Your Team Excited About In-House Training

Internal marketing of training does not always create feelings of excitement and interest among the workforce, especially those who fail to see the benefits of in-house training. As a manager it can be frustrating when the offer of training courses is met with a lack of enthusiasm. This is usually down to individuals not wanting to put their time into a course that, in their mind, does not directly benefit them. Drumming up interest may seem like you are fighting a losing battle, but luckily there are ways to promote training to your team, and showing them the benefits of training at your organisation can be simple.

Promoting Training Opportunities

Promoting in-house training opportunities is something that many managers struggle with. At PicksGroup we know firsthand the resistance that in-house training is met with from individuals who believe it serves them no benefit. We have compiled some tips and tricks for promoting in-house training to your team.

  • In-House vs. E-Learning

Training comes in all different shapes and sizes, a notable difference being the in-house route versus e-learning. We provide training for clients at your office as well as via our e-learning platform, meaning training managers are able to pick the route that best suits their team and schedule. Choosing the option that is popular among your workforce is likely to stir more interest.

  • Highlight the Benefits

Rather than convincing someone to attend a training session they have no interest in, approach the conversation by highlighting how it will benefit them as an individual. This could include information on how specific areas of the training can help with promotions, the enjoyment of work, as well as future employment opportunities elsewhere. By showing the long term benefits of training, an individual is more likely to understand the benefits to them personally.

  • Personal Goals Over Company Benefits

Though training courses will benefit the company as a whole as you will have a highly skilled, well-trained team of people at your disposal, many are more interested in how a specific training course will help them personally. So, instead of focusing on why the company is offering a training programme, try and get them to see it from a personal development point of view.

In-House Training Opportunities

At PicksGroup we provide a range of in-house training programmes to help you further the experience, understanding and skills of your staff. Whether you opt for in-house training at your office or prefer the e-learning route, you are guaranteed a truly professional service. Get in touch today to find out more.

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