The Benefits of a Qualification in Work Health and Safety (WHS)

The Benefits of a Qualification in Work Health and Safety (WHS)

We’re always looking for ways we can improve our career prospects; either for the job we’re in now or for a future role. Different courses and qualifications are a great way to climb the career ladder, but it can be difficult to know where to focus your attention. We’re going to talk to you about one key area that can be studied by someone from any industry, at any time. And may just give you that needed push up the career ladder.

Work Health and Safety (WHS)

There are two key courses as part of our Work Health and Safety offerings. The first is for those just starting out and needing an entry level qualification, known as BSB41415 Certificate IV WHS. This will enable you to learn the basics of WHS laws, risk assessment, and how to implement safer practices in the workplace. For those who have completed this and wish to expand their knowledge further, there is the BSB51315 Diploma of WHS. Here you’ll delve deeper into WHS laws and implementation, while also learning more about management and leadership skills. Those who want to make a lasting impression on their employer, while showing off their leadership and learning skills, should definitely move onto the BSB51315 Diploma of WHS. The two qualifications combined will ensure you have a vast and impressive knowledge of health and safety in the workplace.

The Benefits

What are the key benefits of a WHS qualification? Other than the most obvious reason which is being able to keep yourself and others safe. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits and skills, which come from a qualification in WHS:

  • Problem-Solving: Throughout this course you’ll learn how to identify risks and hazards, along with how to solve any problems that may arise. This is an attractive quality to any employer.
  • Planning and Organisational Skills: In any of these courses you’ll need to prove that you can plan your time and organise yourself well. This proves to an employer that you’re going to be efficient in the workplace.
  • Leadership Skills: This is particularly the case if you move onto the Diploma after the initial Certificate. It’s this kind of skill that helps you climb that career ladder.
  • A Much-Needed Skill: You’ll find that employers are always looking for staff with a qualification in Work Health and Safety. If they don’t have a designated team for the area, then finding another employee who can tick the boxes is a win-win situation for them.

These are just some of the many benefits of a WHS qualification. Whether you want to go down the path of a WHS specialist or simply want to boost your career choices, it’s worth testing the water with one of these qualifications.

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